Marketing Communications Mix

Marketing communication mix is divided by Kotler and Keller (2006, p.536) into six major modes of communication:
1. Advertising. A non-personal presentation and promotion of ideas, goods and services which have been paid for by an identified sponsor.
2. Sales promotion. Short-term incentives aimed at encouraging trial or purchase of a product or service.
3. Events and experiences. Activities and programs designed to create brand-related interactions which has been sponsored by company.
4. Public relations and publicity. Programs designed to protect or promote company’s individual products or its overall image.
5. Direct marketing. To communicate directly with to solicit response or dialogue from existing or potential customers by the use of mail telephone, fax, e-mail or internet.
6. Personal selling. Face-to-face interaction with potential customers in order to make presentations, answering questions and procuring orders.

Kotler, P & Keller, K, 2006, “Marketing Management”, twelfth edition, Prentice-Hall