Apple Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Apple corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs and initiatives are led by Lisa Jackson, Vice President for Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, reporting directly to CEO Tim Cook. More than 1 million people work in Apple supplier facilities and as such, the company’s operations have considerable implications on the society. It has to be noted that “Steve Jobs wasn’t known for philanthropy. Some wondered if he made anonymous donations to charity, some criticized him for his lack of public giving, while others defended him”[1]. However, with Tim Cook assuming Apple leadership in 2011, the focus on CSR aspect of the business has increased to a considerable extent. Tim Cook is a member of Paulson Institute’s CEO Council for Sustainable Urbanization, working with other CEOs of top Chinese and Western companies to advance sustainability in China.   Apple Supporting Local Communities In Oregon, USA, Apple partners with Bluestone Natural Farms to transform compostable materials generated onsite into rich organic material for use on the farm. The tech giant launched a 100-kilowatt rooftop solar project at an educational premise for disadvantaged children in Philippines. The company added 50-kilowatt solar power system and a 260-kilowatt-hour battery to supply clean electricity to off-grid fishing community in Thailand.   Apple Educating and Empowering Workers The multinational technology company provided training courses to about 4 million people since 2008. The tech giant has competitive employee benefits practices. For example, expectant mothers can take up to four weeks before a delivery and up to 14 weeks after a birth, while fathers and other non-birth parents are eligible for up to six weeks of parental leave. Apple suppliers paid back USD 32.2 million recruitment fees to their 36,599 employees since 2008. The iPhone maker taught employees organized 185,000 hours of inclusion and diversity training in 2021[2] The company organized 80,000 hours of management … Continue reading Apple Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)