A Comprehensive Business Plan Sample

  • Published: December 2013
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This paper represents a business plan sample for Product Placement Opportunities®, a marketing services company that provides a platform for medium sized businesses to engage in product placement in a cost-effective manner through its website www.pp-opportunities.com.

The business plan is built upon the gap in the in the marketing services industry that relates to allowing media, special event and computer games businesses to utilise their product placement opportunities in a direct manner, without using the services of marketing agencies.

The comprehensiveness of the business plan is ensured by explaining mission statement, business strategy and objectives in a detailed manner.

The main source of revenue for Product Placement Opportunities® relates to charging media, special event and computer games and other businesses for advertising their product placement opportunities on www.pp-opportunities.com. Price skimming pricing strategy has been chosen as the most suitable for the business.

Analysis of principal personnel qualifications and experience contained within the plan highlights the ways in which competitive advantages are going to be derived.

Moreover, cash flow forecast, profit and loss accounts forecast and balance sheet associated with the business plan have been developed on the basis of situational analysis and analysing market size for Product Placement Opportunities® services.

The business plan also contains discussion related to relevant legal requirements, such as the company’s legal structure, commercial dealings, insurance and others.

Glossary of Terms 1
1. Description of Business 2
2. The Mission and Vision Statement 3
2.1 Business Idea 3
2.2 Trading Status 4
2.3 Management & Ownership 4
2.4 Business Objectives 5
2.5 Business Strategies 5
3. Product and/or Service Plan 6
3.1 Product Placement Opportunities® service description 6
3.2 Product Placement Opportunities® Unique Features 7
3.3 Pricing Strategy& Value Issues 7
4. The Market Plan 8
4.1 Market Research Methodology 8
4.2 Secondary Research 8
4.3 Primary Research 9
4.4 Situational Analysis and Market Size 10
4.5 The Demand for Product Placement Opportunities® Services 10
4.6 Product Placement Opportunities® Target Customers 11
4.7 The Competition 11
4.8 Unique Selling Point 12
4.9 Further Research Requirement 12
4.10 Product Placement Opportunities® Marketing Strategy 12
4.11 Selling Methods 13
5. Human Resource Plan 13
5.1 Principal’s Qualification and Experience 13
5.2 Personnel Qualifications and Experience 13
6. Financial Plan for Product Placement Opportunities® 14
6.1 Cash Flow Forecast 14
6.2 Profit & Loss Accounts Forecast 15
6.3 Balance Sheet 15
7. Legal Requirements 16
7.1 Product Placement Opportunities® Legal Structure 16
7.2 Business Name 16
7.3 Business Property 16
7.4 Commercial Dealings 17
7.5 Tax, NI and VAT 17
7.6 Insurance 17
8. Contingency Plan and Exit Strategy 17
9. References 19
Appendix 21
Product Placement Opportunities® Cash Flow Forecast 21

List of Tables

Table 1 Cash Flow Forecast 14
Table 2 Profit and Loss Accounts Forecast 15
Table 3 Balance Sheet 15
Table 4 Product Placement Opportunities® Cash Flow Forecast 21


Global Marketing Group

New Media Group


Product Placement Opportunities

Weber Shandwick


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  • Published: December 2013
  • 3534 Words
  • 21 Pages
Business Plan Sample
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