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Started in 2011 by John Dudovskiy, research-methodology.net is an educational portal that offers knowledge, resources and practical insights for conducting business studies. John Dudovskiy is a seasoned dissertation adviser and he has experience in assisting hundreds of students with their dissertations, reports and essays in business discipline.

All materials published at research-methodology.net are designed to support and inspire professionals and students at all levels to conduct studies in the area of business.

The portal offers free and premium articles, essays and reports and e-books that have been authored by qualified academics in business studies with practical business management experience. An effective combination of academic qualifications and practical experience in the industry possessed by authors writing for this portal increases the relevance and quality of our company reports. Passion for business from academic perspective is the main attribute of authors contributing to this portal.


Research Methodology is developed according to the following principles:

1. Simplicity in formulation and explanation of complex business models and theoretical frameworks

2. Illustration of application of business models and theoretical frameworks using well-known multinational enterprises as case studies

3. Explanation of business models and theoretical frameworks by referring to real-life business issues and events in the industry

4. Consistently increasing the scope of content remaining true to the motto of the portal Necessary Knowledge to Conduct a Business Research


Two important qualities separate Research Methodology from others in the segment:


Comprehensiveness. No other source provides SWOT, PESTEL, value chain and Porter’s five forces analysis, as well as, analysis of marketing strategy and CSR practices of major multinational businesses as a single report. Research Methodology is the only portal that offers documents containing the application of the most popular strategic analytical tool using the case study of famous multinational brands within the scope of a single report.

The e-book, “The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Dissertation in Business Studies: A Step-by-Step Assistance” by John Dudovskiy is one of the most comprehensive sources available that offers business students practical assistance in writing their dissertations.


Credentials. John Dudovskiy, the main author of this portal has an academic experience as lecturer and dissertation advisor and practical management experience in manufacturing, e-commerce and international business. This enables Research Methodology to offer balanced discussion of theory and practice in company reports and articles.

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