Administrative Management & Systems

  • Published: January 2014
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This report has been prepared for the senior management and Board of Directors of children’s cancer charity in Northern Ireland and the report explains the concept of administrative management and how this role underpins all other functions.

Moreover, the report explains the contribution of administrative management in meeting the needs of various stakeholder groups and assesses communication models used by administrative managers. The report is completed by explaining the need to redevelop various organisational systems in order to accommodate organisational change.

Role of administrative managers are important for both, private and public sector organisations, however, the level of importance of this role is often underestimated by senior level management for a wide range of reasons. This reason may relate to the fact that unlike other organisational practices such as marketing and finance, the output of administrative management is not directly tangible.

1. Introduction 1
2. Role of Administrative Management 1
3. Contribution of Administrative Management in Meeting the Needs of Customers and Stakeholders 3
4. Communication Models Used by Administrative Managers 5
5. Need to Re-develop Systems to Accommodate Organisational Change 7
6. Conclusions 9



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Toyota Motor Corporation

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  • Published: January 2014
  • 1962 Words
  • 10 Pages
Administrative Management & Systems
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