HTC Corporation

Below is HTC SWOT analysis template


1.       Highest quality for competitive prices

2.       Consistent pipeline of new products

3.       An extensive range of product portfolio comprising more than 40 types of smartphones

4.       Rapidly increasing popularity in the global scale

5.       HTC products received numerous awards and recognitions from independent parties and media outlets



1.      Weaker brand awareness compared to major competitors such as Apple and Samsung

2.      Lack of effectiveness in the development and implementation of the marketing strategy

3.      Absence of own operating system (OS) and software, making the company dependent on third party software providers

4.      Weaker network of global shipment compared to major established market players

5.      Gaps in capabilities of the company



1.      Development of in-house OS and software

2.      Improving the effectiveness of marketing strategy in general and viral marketing in particular

3.      Benefiting from growing demand for quality application processors

4.      Development of innovative products via effective research and development initiatives

5.      Reduction of operational costs thanks to creativity and innovations



1.       Market saturation in smartphone sector in major countries

2.       Emergence of new competitors from developing countries

3.       Engagement in patent wars with other major smartphone manufacturers

4.       Decreasing product life cycle in consumer electronics industry

5.       A risk of financial crisis in Asia


How to use HTC SWOT Analysis template above

HTC SWOT analysisExpand each point above into one or more paragraphs with discussions and analysis. Additional points related to HTC strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats not listed above can also be included if you think they are relevant points and add value to the work.

You will need to support your arguments with references from reliable sources such as annual report of the company, industry journals and magazines and government publications. Your discussions will need to include statistical data and preferably charts and graphs with references to the sources.

You can also find many examples for the application of SWOT analysis using the case studies of famous global brands here.