Porsche AG

Below is Porsche SWOT analysis template


1.       Advanced brand reputation and high level of customer loyalty

2.      Perceived high quality of Porsche cars

3.      Highly skilled technical workforce and efficient management

4.      Strong strategic alliances with other businesses in auto industry




1.       Expensive prices and no offerings for middle class consumers

2.      Expensive maintenance and running costs

3.      High cost of production (manufacturing is mainly in Stuttgart plant in Germany)

4.      Damage to brand image: recall of Porsche Cayenne due to pedal bracket issue


1.      Increasing investments on research and development to cause disruptive innovation in luxury car segment

2.      Shifting manufacturing to China or other developing countries to gain cost advantage in premium car segment

3.      Acquiring other premium car manufacturers to fill the gap in the capabilities of the business

4.      Focusing on CSR aspect of the business


1.      Product recalls in the future due to safety issues

2.      Increasing competition from premium car manufacturers in developing countries with access to cost-effective resources

3.      Worsening macroeconomic climate in Europe

4.      Emergence of CSR-related scandals with detrimental effects on the brand image

How to use the Porsche SWOT Analysis template above

Porsche SWOT analysisExpand each point above into one or more paragraphs with discussions and analysis. Additional points related to Porsche strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats not listed above can also be included if you think they are relevant points and add value to the work.

You will need to support your arguments with references from reliable sources such as annual report of the company, industry journals and magazines and government publications. Your discussions will need to include statistical data and preferably charts and graphs with references to the sources.

You can also find many examples for the application of SWOT analysis using the case studies of famous global brands here.