Procter & Gamble SWOT

Procter & Gamble SWOT

Below is Procter & Gamble SWOT analysis template



1.       Ownership of more than 300 brands sold in more than 180 countries

2.       A high level of brand awareness

3.       Effective marketing strategy and experience and competency in branding

4.       Solid financial position

5.       Efficient product distribution network around the globe

1.       Inability to deal with counterfeiting issue of P&G brands

2.       Weak presence in online marketplace

3.       Weak corporate social responsibility (CSR) performance

4.       Lack of flexibility of the business due to its massive size



1.       Formation of strategic cooperation with local businesses

2.       Focusing on health and beauty products for men

3.       Playing a greater emphasis on CSR

4.  New product development



1.       Increasing competition from local manufacturers in global markets

2.       Emergence of more CSR-related scandals

3.       Introduction of trade barriers in key international markets

4.       Inability to sustain competitive advantage in long-term perspective



How to use the Procter & Gamble SWOT template above

Expand each point above into one or more paragraphs with discussions and analysis. Additional points related to Procter & Gamble strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats not listed above can also be included if you think they are relevant points and add value to the work.

You will need to support your arguments with references from reliable sources such as annual report of the company, industry journals and magazines and government publications. Your discussions will need to include statistical data and preferably charts and graphs with references to the sources.

You can also find many examples for the application of SWOT analysis using the case studies of famous global brands here.