ZARA SWOT Analysis

The table below illustrates ZARA SWOT analysis template


1.        Attractive design of products

2.       Strong international presence with more than 2,200 stores in 96 countries[1]

3.       Globally 24th most valuable brand with the brand value of more than 18,5 billion[2]

4.       Short product development time: from concept to shop shelf in just 2 weeks[3]


1.        Ineffective marketing strategy with minimum marketing budget

2.       Presence of gaps in the product range

3.       Higher employee attrition rate compared to industry average

4.       Ineffective cost structure


1.         Increasing online presence of the brand with the focus on social media

2.         Strengthening presence in emerging economies

3.         Establishing collaborations with celebrity designers

4.         Entering lifestyle products business using current competitive advantages


1.       Intensifying competition from high end fashion merchandisers locally and globally

2.       The loss of appeal within target customer segment

3.       Failure to meet fashion tastes and preferences of millenials

4.       Intensifying imitation of counterfeit Zara products


How to use ZARA SWOT Analysis template above

ZARA SWOT AnalysisExpand each point above into one or more paragraphs with discussions and analysis. Additional points related to ZARA strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats not listed above can also be included if you think they are relevant points and add value to the work.

You will need to support your arguments with references from reliable sources such as annual report of the company, industry journals and magazines and government publications. Your discussions will need to include statistical data and preferably charts and graphs with references to the sources.

You can also find many examples for the application of SWOT analysis using the case studies of famous global brands here.

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