Company Reports FAQ

Why this report is so cheap?

1. Reports offered in this portal are produced by a small group of academic writers headed by John Dudovski.

2. Our reports are shorter compared to reports produced by large research companies. Company reports are produced to assist with academic works of business students in particular. Therefore, all points that do not relate to academic needs of business students are left out.

3. We do not have huge fixed expenses large research companies do, thus, we are able to deliver reports for a little cost.


How do I receive the report?

After completing the payment you will receive a link to the e-mail related to your Pay Pal account or the e-email you entered when specifying bank details. You can download the report via this link. The report is downloaded in PDF format. The link will stay active for 7 days.


How can I use the report to complete my academic assignment/research?

Reports offered by are professionally written samples in their respective areas. Reports are intended to be used as guides and sources of secondary data for reference purposes.


I did not receive the link/I can not download the report?

If you have any difficulties with downloading reports you have purchased please e-mail us the details of your purchase. We will send the report to you as an e-mail attachment shortly.


Do you have a report of ABC Company?


You can access our full range of existing reports here. We produce new reports regularly. Please let us know about the companies you are interested in and tell us which companies we should analyse in our new reports here.