Careerlink Inventory Self-Assessment Sample

By John Dudovskiy

My self-assessment has been completed with the application of Careerlink Inventory, an online skills and interests inventory. This software provides an assessment of five different aspects of individual personality and suggests relevant career recommendations. Specifically, personality aspects assessed consist of aptitudes, interests, temperaments, and physical capacities and working conditions (Careerlink Inventory, 2014, online).

The advantages of Careerlink Inventory include practical assistance in making educational and career choices through finding an appropriate match to personal aptitudes, interests, temperaments, and physical capacities.

Answers given to Careerlink Inventory multiple choice test questions are analysed by the software and the level of match between responses and a wide range of career areas are represented in percentages. The following table illustrates percentage matches between my skills and interests and a range of career areas and cluster titles according to Careerlink Inventory self-assessment results.

Careerlink Inventory Self-Assessment Sample

Careerlink Inventory self-assessment results

Results of Careerlink Inventory self-assessment indicate that there is a 94% match between my skills and interests and Arts and Humanities career area. Report provided by Careerlink Inventory states that this specific career area is closely associated with entertaining audiences and a high level of creativity. Importantly, the same points equally relate to successful event management as well, and from this perspective Careerlink Inventory finds event management as a suitable career choice for me.

Moreover, Careerlink Inventory self-assessment has found 93% match between my skills and interests and Social Sciences career area. It is clarified in self-assessment results report that Social Sciences involve serving the public interests in a wide range of manners. In other words, my skills and interests are best applied in serving the interests of public, and this can be done through dealing with various aspects of event management in a successful manner.

There is also 93% match between my skills and interests and Personal Services career area. According to self-assessment results, my skills and interests can be effectively applied in “coordinating the activities of personnel engaged in serving or performing personal services for others” (Careerlink Inventory, 2014, online).

Although, events management might not necessarily relate to personal services, nevertheless, my skills for coordinating the service activities can prove to be highly valuable in events management.

The level of match between my skills and interests and Business career area in Promotion and Public Relations has been identified by Careerlink Inventory software as 93% as well. This result can be rightly interpreted in a way that I have a good chance to become a successful special events manager. This is because there is a high level of similarity between the management of special events and business management in promotion and public relations sector.

Business management in promotion and public relations sector primarily involve planning, directing, and executing the programs of advertising and public relations, and the same set of activities are important to be successful in special events industry.

At the same time it is important to understand that virtually all types of carrier, skills and interests inventories such as Careerlink Inventory are based on generalisations to a certain extent, and therefore there far from being totally free from errors. In other words, any type of information obtained from self-assessment programs need to be accepted only as a guidance, without mistaken them to be error-free facts.



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