Channels of Communication at Workplace

By John Dudovskiy

Channels of Communication

Channels of communication can be divided into four categories: nuturative, requisitive, directive, and emotive. Moreover, employees can also be divided into reactor, workaholic, persister, dreamer, rebel, and promoter categories.

Pauley and Pauley (2009) correspond the utilisation of each of these channels to the types of employees in the following manner:


Type Channel
Reactor Nuturative
Workaholic Requestive
Persister Requestive
Dreamer Directive
Rebel Emotive
Promoter Directive

Source: Pauley and Pauley (2009)


Pauley, J.A. & Pauley D.J. (2009) “Communication: The Key to Effective Leadership” ASQ Quality Press

Category: HRM