Coca Cola Corporate Social Responsibility

By John Dudovskiy
August 25, 2015

Coca Cola releases Sustainability Report that comprises the details of CSR programs and initiatives engaged by the company. Coca Cola aims to give back at least 1% of its annual income for charitable causes annually. The figure below illustrates the pattern of distribution of this fund in 2013.

Distribution of Coca Cola CSR expenses

Distribution of Coca Cola CSR expenses

According to the latest Coca Cola Sustainability Report for 2013/2014 the major CSR programs and engagements initiated by the company include the following:

Categories of CSR activities Coca Cola Performance
Educating and empowering workers During the period of 2012-2013 Coca Cola is mentioned in 26 lists, including the World’s 25 Best Multinational Workplaces 2013 compiled by the

Great Place to Work® Institute.

Labor and human rights Company’s EthicsLine channel provides stakeholders an opportunity to inform perceived violations of Code of Business Conduct, Workplace Rights or any other violations in a secure and anonymous manner.


In 2013, 44% of workforce in the US was multicultural and 1010 military veterans were hired during the year.

Health and safety 100 out of 400 new beverage products introduced in 2013 are reduced-, low-, or no calorie.

94% of company-owned facilities comply with Coca Cola Workplace Rights Policy

The rate of lost-time incident decreased in 2013, dropping to a low of 1.9


a) energy consumption








b) water consumption



Energy efficiency improved by 20% compared to 2004


100 service vans in the US have been converted into efficient hybrid-electric vehicles

Coca Cola has announced a program to reduce carbon footprint by 25% by 2020

Coca Cola has announced its commitment to balance its water usage by 2020. In 2013 the company has replenished an estimated 68% of the volume of its finished beverages and returned about 108.5 billion liters of water to communities and the nature.


Efficiency of water usage is improved for 11th year in a row, totaling to 8% improvement since 2010.

Other initiatives The company helped economically empower more than 865,000 women within the scope of 5by20 program in 2014. The program aims to achieve economic empowerment of 5 million women by the year of 2020.

Coca Cola has supported more than 290 physical activity programs in nearly 125 countries and territories it operates.


PlantBottle packaging is developed as an ambitious initiative to develop plastic bottles made partially from plants.

In the scope of its attempt to engage in responsible marketing Coca Cola does not advertise its products to children younger than 12 years old. Accordingly, the company does not buy advertising that directly targets the audience that is more than 35% children under 12.

Coca Cola CSR performance

Figures taken from Coca Cola 2013/2014 Sustainability Report

Criticism of Coca Cola’s CSR programs and initiatives is given in Coca Cola Company Report. The report also contains application of SWOT, PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces and Value-Chain Analyses on Coca Cola Company.  Moreover, Coca Cola’s marketing strategy is analyzed in this report in a detailed manner.

Coca Cola Company Report