E-Commerce Industry Analysis in UK

By John Dudovskiy

E-CommerceAccording to the UK Office for National Statistics (2010), the following figures represent the extent of e-commerce in UK during the year of 2009:

  • The total amount of e-commerce sales by non-financial businesses reached £403.8 billion (24.9% increase from 2008)
  • The volume of sales conducted over a web-site amounted to £115.0 billion
  • The volume of e-commerce non-website sales have assessed to reach £293.3 billion
  • The volume of businesses sold over a website amounted to 14.9%, and 6.9% of businesses have been sold over alternative platforms than websites, such as ICTs
  • The amount of businesses purchased over computer networks were assessed to be 51.9%, and its value £466.3 billion
  • Totally, 76.0% of businesses were found to own a website

Moreover, it has been estimated that “online shoppers in UK are expected to spend £162 billion ($336 billion) per year on product via the internet by 2020” (Conrady, 2010, p.251). The above figures indicate that the significance, size, and scope of e-commerce are increasing in UK, as well as in a global level. Therefore, there are realistic reasons to believe that the demand for competent e-commerce marketing managers will increase significantly in the future, and this makes the career choice of the author of this paper wise and effective.


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Category: Industry Analysis