Employee recruitment and selection: Elite Group

By John Dudovskiy

recruitmentBloisi (2007, p43) states that when an organisation has decided on a course of strategic action, it is the role of the HR department to find and develop its people to enable the strategies to be achieved.

As such, Elite tennis club has also made a strategic decision to acquire new wasteland to develop and add as part of its own business activities. Therefore, it is the role of HR department to overlook and provide sufficient expertise to realize the business objectives of the company.

Gupta (2005, p176) mentions that before the company actively starts recruiting, there should be a Human Resource Planning which involves forecasting and determining the number of manpower required by the organization in future keeping in view its present activities and future plans.

To recruit new employees, Elite HR department needs to take into account factors in the external environment such as availability of labour, skills, education and employment costs.

Moreover, it also needs to look at the internal environment inside the organisation. And the following questions need to be asked:

  • Where does it need the labour?
  • What skills do staff need?
  • What training and development is important for the organization?

Furthermore, Gupta (2005, p172) indicates that staffing is a management process where an organization needs to identify the needs for recruitment, the level of labour, expertise and the number and budget for employment. And if the recruitment is going to be internal or external is also identified just before the recruitment process starts.

The aim of the personnel department is to attract the best candidates for the job and then to choose the most suitable. If the wrong person is recruited, then this can cause problems for a business.


Adopted from: Gupta 2005, Business studies

Gupta (2005) says that once the number and type of employees required for the organization during a given time period is determined the recruitment and selection can be started. Therefore, once Elite group has accurate information about the number of people needed, and then it can start the recruitment process.

Bloisi (2007) defines recruitment as the process of publicising information about job vacancies in the organization and inducing the perspectives candidates to offer themselves for appointment in the organization.

As a recruitment process, Elite Tennis should follow these steps:

  1. Identify the sources of supply of adequate number and right type of personnel required
  2. Publicising information about job vacancies in the organization
  3. Assessing alternative sources of manpower and choosing the best source
  4. Contacting the chosen source of recruitment to secure applications, e.g. advertisement for vacancies in a newspaper and etc.

Before business recruits new employees, the personnel department usually carries out some form of Job Analysis.

Job analysis includes the analysis of the job details as what the job requires candidates to perform. Therefore, the job analysis helps the firm to set a Job Description that can attract the right people.

Moreover, Elite Tennis has also a chance of either recruiting internally or externally and here are the advantages and disadvantages of both:


Internal Recruitment

Advantages Disadvantages
Familiarity Limited choice
Economy(it is cheaper to recruit internally) Lack of competition
Better utilisation of existing talent Conflict(internal)


External recruitment

Advantages Disadvantages
Wider choice Frustration among present employees
Healthy competition Expensive method
New external expertise to the firm Time consuming


If Elite Tennis uses external recruitment, here are the following options to recruit externally:

  • Commercial employment agencies
  • Job centre and professional recruitment agencies
  • Headhunting
  • Visiting universities
  • Advertising

After gathering the necessary and needed level of candidates, the organization starts selecting the right ones for the company by using the following techniques:


Application checks

This is a pre-selection process where the least fit candidates for the organization are shifted out of the organization. And this application is often used as a basis for interviews.


Selection tests

Candidates are asked to attend written or other tests which are:


Proficiency tests

By doing these tests, Elite Tennis measures the applicants level of knowledge and skill in a particular trade or occupation


Aptitude tests

These tests are designed to measure the potential for acquiring necessary knowledge and skills for doing a job well in future



Elite Tennis carries out a face-to-face interview with the candidates for the following reasons:

  1. to find out the candidate’s personality and overall suitability for the job
  2. to cross check the information obtained through application blank and tests and
  3. to give an accurate picture of the job and the company to the candidate


Final approval

Candidates who are found fit for the posts are formally appointed by Elite Tennis in this stage.


Ethical and Legal implications to address in recruitment

There are number of ethical and legal implications in recruiting new employees. And here are some implications Elite Tennis should take into account when recruiting:

Ethical implications

  • Employees are paid a fair wage
  • Employees are entitled to benefits (holidays, insurance)

Legal Implications:

  • Employees work only under EU andUKworking standards, not below
  • Health and safety rules are followed accordingly
  • Employees are paid above minimum wage
  • Only the employees with work permits are employed




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