Jamie’s Italian Sydney SWOT Analysis

By John Dudovskiy
August 8, 2012

Jamie’s Italian SydneySWOT analytical framework is an effective tool to be used for strategic decision making and the abbreviation stands for strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the business. The application of SWOT analysis for Jamie’s Italian Sydney is necessary in order to assist in decision making and the formulation of the marketing strategy.



Jamie’s Italian brand has considerable strengths in the marketplace that are primarily associated with the positive image of the owner of the brand Jamie Oliver who has won positive acclaim for initiatives aimed at increasing the quality of food in schools and he is also a well-known author of various recipes  distributed by his numerous books.

Moreover, Jamie’s Italian menu mainly consists of healthy foods and the range of foods introduced by Jamie Oliver, as well as the decoration of restaurants can be described as innovative. These strengths are needed to be build upon in order to increase the competitive advantage of the business and thus ensure the growth of Jamie’s Italian in Australian marketplace in long-term perspective.

At the same time, there are certain weaknesses associated with Jamie’s Italian brand that primarily relate to the high prices of the food. Also, the level of service in a number of Jamie’s Italian in UK has faced critical reviews, and this fact can also be considered as a weakness of the brand in general with positive negative impact on its branch in Sydney.

The analyses of weaknesses of the business provide the most valuable data for the management for further consideration. Specifically, if these weaknesses are not addressed timely and effectively the whole amount of financial resources invested in Austrian market would be exposed to the great risk.

There are set of attractive business opportunities for Jamie’s Italian in Australian marketplace in general, and in Sydney in particular. Specifically, Jamie’s Italian in Sydney can achieve better positioning in Australian marketplace by taking into account the local cultural differences and addressing these differences within the menu, specifications of customer services and the decoration of the restaurant.

Other opportunities for Jamie’s Italian in Australian marketplace include increasing the presence of the brand in this country by opening more restaurants in various locations of major cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide.

The business opportunities formulated above have to be exploited by the management upon conducting further researches on that direction.

However, there are also significant threats for Jamie’s Italian Sydney the management need to address effectively and efficiently in order to maximise the chances for success in that marketplace. Such threats include, but are not limited to the increasing role and influence of various vegetarian lobbying groups, introduction of local rules and regulations in Australia related to the catering industry that support local businesses and put Jamie’s Italian in a disadvantaged position and increasing prices of raw products used by the restaurant.

These threats have to be turned into the business opportunities for Jamie’s Italian by adopting a proactive approach in terms of dealing with these threats, as well as attracting highly competent managers to join the company.

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