Literature review: type of literature

By John Dudovskiy

Brown (2006) insists that two forms of literature need to be reviewed: conceptual literature and research literature.

Conceptual literature is a type of publication that has been written by the respected authorities in the industry. It contains theories ideas and experiences and is often published in the forms of research articles and books. A wide range of conceptual literature has been reviewed for the dissertation. Most respected authorities in the field if personal finance in general, and in the field of personal loans in particular the works of whom have been used in the research include Modigliani, Butterworth, Debelle, DeVaney, Lytton, Durand and others.

Research literature, on the other hand gives information about researches that have been conducted in the field of the research topic and usually is presented in the forms of papers and reports. A number of research literature have been used in the course of the literature review for the dissertation.


Brown RB, 2006, Doing Your Dissertation in Business and Management: The Reality of Research and Writing, Sage Publications

Category: Literature Review