Longleat Safari Park SWOT Analysis

By John Dudovskiy
January 3, 2014

Longleat Safari Park SWOT Analysis Longleat Adventure and Safari Park, owned by Owned by Longleat Enterprises Limited has been operating from April 1966 and comprises more than “15 fabulous attractions, including the new multi pound Jungle Kingdom and Longleat House, one of the most stunning stately homes in Britain” (About Longleat, 2013, online).

The following table illustrates Longleat Safari Park SWOT analysis:


  • Lack of competition in the UK
  • High quality of customer services
  • Affordable prices for Longleat Hotels

  • Not possible to reach the park by public transport
  • “Mercedes Destroyed by Monkeys at Longleat Safari Park” and some other similar videos on YouTube demotivating people to attend to park

  • Increasing ranges of services
  • Possibilities of attracting sponsors
  • Increasing ranges of animals

  • Negative impacts of various environmental groups
  • Visitors being attacked by animals
  • Environmental changes posing risks for animals in Longleat Safari Park