Reflective Essay Sample for Marketing Design and Innovation Module

By John Dudovskiy
April 6, 2014

Reflective Essay SampleCompleting the Marketing Design and Innovation module and report has been a great learning opportunity for me in many levels. Thanks to this module I obtained an in-depth knowledge about the main features of product and service design from marketing viewpoint, in both theoretical, as well as, practical levels.

The contents of the module and an effective teaching style of the tutor have played an instrumental role in assisting me to distinguish between the key characteristics of the designing process within the settings of ever-changing consumer taste and highly dynamic nature of style.

Moreover, Marketing Design and Innovation module has taught me the importance of patenting ideas, registering designs, and safeguarding own intellectual property in a timely and appropriate manner. Also, I do believe that a set of organisational theories and business frameworks that I learned in this module will find their application in the future, to contribute to the achievement of my career objectives.

The experience of attending the module and completing the report has equipped me with ideas about innovation and design. At the same time, I had a set of pre-conceived ideas about innovation and design that have changed as a result of completing the module and preparing the report.

Specifically, previously I did not fully appreciate the importance of introducing innovations in various aspects and features of products and services in regular manner. However, towards the end of the module I became convinced that introduction of regular innovations in various aspects and features of products and services has become one of the basic survival requirements in modern highly competitive marketplace. Similarly, a highly dynamic nature of design can be specified as another point that I learned during the process of completing the module and preparing the report.

I have to admit that the process of completing the module and preparing the report has involved a set of difficulties. These difficulties related to the choice of contemporary product or service to be discussed in the report and ensuring an adequate level of objectivity of the report.

According to instructions I have been asked to select a contemporary consumer, industrial or commercial product or service that for one reason or another inspired me to critique within the context of this module. Although, this requirement sounds quite straightforward, in reality the selection of social media services among many other alternative emerged to be a difficult choice to make.

Ensuring an adequate level of objectivity of the report can be specified as another area of the report that I found to be difficult. The module tutor had made it clear from the beginning that are arguments in the report needed to be justified by explanations and/or references. In order to meet this specific requirement I had to revise some texts in the report several times until the present quality of the work was produced.

The experience of completing the module and preparing the report has been beneficial for me in professional and personal levels. On the professional level, this experience has further improved my skills of secondary data collection and analysis. In other words, in order to achieve learning outcomes for the report I had to refer to a wide range of data sources such as books, magazines, journals and internet in order to find and use up to date relevant data.

These skills of secondary data collection and analysis can help me in the future in order to make important business decisions.

Also, I had a chance to improve my writing skills and I have used this change appropriately. This benefit is going to play an important role in my future career perspectives when engaging in written communication with various organisational stakeholders.

On the personal level, on the other hand, my time management skills have been positively impacted thanks to this report. I did construct a Gantt-Chart to specify a timeframe associated with the completion of each part of the report and made best effort to stick to this chart. Moreover, being able to complete the report within the deadline has boosted the level of my self-confidence. It is important to note that high level of self-confidence is very important success factor in personal and professional levels, and from this viewpoint I have greatly benefited from completing the module and preparing the report within the deadline.

This project has changed my overall attitude towards social networking services in general. At the starting point of the project, I had developed generally negative attitude towards social networking sites in general, and Facebook in particular due to the fact that they were taking a big chunk of my daily time causing me to procrastinate.

However, during the research process for this report I started to appreciate positive potential of social networking sites such as being effective communication platform, staying updated personal experiences of friends, colleagues and family members through their status updates and receiving important news in the areas of my personal and professional interests from relevant portals.

Now I do understand social networking sites can have positive or negative implications on my personal and professional development depending on what information I view and how much time I spend on these sites. Accordingly, as a result of this project I have made a commitment to spend no more than twenty minutes daily browsing social networking sites, and I have subscribed only to portals that send news and update that are directly related to my long-term personal and career objectives.

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