Reflective Journal Sample: European Business Environment module coursework

By John Dudovskiy

Reflective Journal SampleThe European Business Environment module coursework was a good learning experience for me in many aspects. Among many positive benefits it positively contributed to my secondary data research techniques, improved my time-management skills and made me a more industrious student.

However, I encountered with a range of issues at various stages of completing the assignment. Specifically, there was a problem with the lack of trustworthy secondary data resources, since most of the materials found on-line arose my suspicion regarding their validity as references. The issue was dealt with through more visits to the library than was initially planned.

If I were to complete the same assignment one more time I would definitely start my visits to libraries weeks earlier than I did. This would have enabled me to avoid last-minute hassles, and would ensure the greater scope and depth for my research.

During completion of the assignment I found easier to perform at argument and application learning outcome due to my practicability and an analytical mindset towards various issues. Moreover, I think I did well in communication learning outcome as well, because the whole text was revised many times in order to increase its standard.

The achievement of learning outcome I was not satisfied with is a research. Specifically, my references include only ten books and one internet web-site. If I had started my research process earlier references could have included relevant magazines and journals as well, and thus the overall validity of the research could have been increased.

I cannot state that I have performed to the best of my ability for this specific assignment. The primary reason was that I had started to write the assignment much later than I have should and this had affected many aspects of the work. But the most important point is that  I have learned from my mistake and I consider this fact to be the most important contribution of the module to my personal and professional development.