Sample for Personal Development Plan

By John Dudovskiy

Personal Development Plan Personal Development Plan (PDP) “is a document completed by an individual that details their intentions and actions with regard to their own development” (Cunningham et al., 2004, p.129). My personal development plan associated with the achievement of my career goals is represented in the following table:




Increasing the level of cross-cultural awareness Attending cross-cultural awareness training session December 2014
Learning from real-life special events Attending special events of various types and critically analysing the effectiveness of organisation and management Every month until June 2016
To remain updated with the latest trends and news in events industry To subscribe to “Special Events” magazine and to be reading each issue Every month
To be increasing the level of knowledge about theoretical aspects of event management Reading relevant academic literature Every month
To be improving personal leadership skills Attending ‘Essentials of Leadership’ 5-day program offered by London Business School July 2014
To be enhancing the level of personal creativity Attending ‘Creativity and Innovation’ 2-day course offered by Impact Factory September 2014
To be improving personal time management skills Attending ‘Time Management’ 1-day training course offered by Activia Training November 2014
To find a personal coach among accomplished event managers Studying the personalities of successful event managers, and initiating a contact with a highly experienced event manager January 2015

It is important to note that personal development needs to be perceived as a continuous process throughout the whole duration of career rather than being accepted as a one-time or occasional initiative.

Accordingly, all aspects of personal development plan provided in table above such as increasing the level of cross-cultural awareness, learning from real-life special events, remaining updated with the latest trends and news in events industry, and to be improving personal leadership skills are going to be invested in for the whole duration of career.



Cunningham, I., Dawes, G. & Bennett, B. (2004) “The Handbook of Work Based Learning” Gower Publishing Ltd