Team Building Blocks at HSBC

By John Dudovskiy
December 15, 2012

Team Building Blocks

Team building blocks can be explained as foundations for effective teambuilding. The following most essential team building blocks are going to contribute to the success of HSBC customer service team:

  1. Appropriate leadership. Effective leadership practices are in place in HSBC derived from strong leadership of HSBC Group CEO Stuart Gulliver.
  2. Clear goals and objectives. Team goals and objectives to be developed according to SMART principle, the abbreviation standing for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound (Courtis et al., 2006) is going to contribute to successful team operations.
  3. Effective operating procedures. The latest IT facilities have been integrated within HSBC customer services and these make team operating procedures more convenient.
  4. Developing individuals. The issues of developing individuals are approached effectively by HSBC management with specifically designed ‘learning pods’ within some branches and a range of relevant programs available.
  5. Openness and confrontation. HSBC organisational culture is associated with openness to new ideas and viewpoints (O’Donnell and Boyle, 2008) and this may have positive contribution on new customer services team performance.
  6. Regular review. Regular individual performance appraisals and group performance reviews conducted at HSBC is going to serve as one of the important customer services team building blocks


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