The VARK Questionnaire and Its Application: A Personal Example

By John Dudovskiy

VARK QuestionnaireThe VARK Questionnaire has been taken by me as a part of self-estimation process. According to Warner and DeSimone (2009), the implementation of VARK questionnaires should not be limited to educational establishments only, and workplaces should be using them as well when devising training and development programs for their employees.

VARK questionnaire reveled my study strategies to be mainly kinesthetic and read/write. This result does not only reveal my study strategy, it also reveals some traits of my personality, and therefore the results are directly connected to the level of my employability.

My kinesthetic and read/write study strategies positively contribute to the level of my employability due to the following reasons:

Firstly, kinesthetic learners are ‘hands-on learners’ or ‘doers’ and it means that in the workplace they require minimum induction and training, therefore saving significant amount of financial resources of the organisation.

Secondly, kinesthetic learners like to experiment, and this particular trait is considered to be valuable by a range of global companies like Apple and Google who encourage their employees to experiment because it leads new product development, innovational ideas and procedures. Being a kinesthetic learner experimenting is my habit as well so I can target above named global brands for my future employment.

Thirdly, employers are attracted to read/write learners, due to the fact that most of the knowledge in companies in many industries is stored in a text format with which read/write learners are comfortable. I am efficient with getting knowledge through reading, and as such in a good position to secure my employment in a position of my dream.

Fourthly, most of the positions in many organisations in many sectors include increased amount of writing in forms of preparing reports, writing articles and notes. And because I am comfortable with writing such kind of reports as a read/write learner, my chances of employability with an attractive package are great.