Transformational Leadership Questionnaire

By John Dudovskiy
March 22, 2013

Transformational Leadership QuestionnaireA comprehensive project on leadership has been conducted by Alimo-Metcalfe and John-Metcalfe (2000) with the participation of more than 3,500 managers and professionals along different levels of management employed within UK National Health Service and local government that were selected on the basis of gender-inclusive and black and minority ethnic-inclusive sample.

The findings of this specific project have enabled the development of 360-degree feedback tool, also known as Transformational Leadership Questionnaire. The most notable distinctive point associated with this project compared to others relates to the fact that Alimo-Metcalfe and John-Metcalfe (2005) this model adopts ‘nearby’, instead of ‘distant’ or ‘heroic’ approaches on leadership. The Transformational Leadership Questionnaire is based on the following scales:

Scale 1 Genuine concern for others’ well-being and development
Scale 2 Political/stakeholder sensitivity and skills
Scale 3 Inspirational networker and visionary promoter
Scale 4 Empowers, delegates, develops leadership potential
Scale 5 Integrity, consistency, honesty, and openness
Scale 6 Accessibility, approachability, sensitivity
Scale 7 Decisive, determined, self-confident, resilient
Scale 8 Clarifies boundaries, involves others in decision making
Scale 9 Encourages critical and strategic thinking

The Transformational Leadership Questionnaire scales Scale

Source: Alimo-Metcalfe & Alban-Metcalfe (2000)

Practical implications of the work of Alimo-Metcalfe and John-Metcalfe (2000) can be interpreted in a way that the concept of transformational leadership “far from being a key to a learning organisation, may itself be in considerable need of rethinking and revision” (Doyle, 2003, p.215).



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