WeWork Marketing Mix (WeWork 7Ps of Marketing)

By John Dudovskiy
February 23, 2023

WeWork marketing mix (WeWork 7Ps of marketing) comprises elements of the marketing mix that consists of product, place, price, promotion, process, people and physical evidence.


Product Element in WeWork Marketing Mix (WeWork 7Ps of Marketing)

WeWork offers the following three products and services:

Space as a service.  Coworking space for small to medium sized businesses and flexible space solutions for enterprise companies.

WeWork access. Workspaces around the world by the hour, day, or month through monthly subscription All Access product or pay-as-you-go On Demand product. Services within access category are similar to a gym membership model in a way that membership sales are not limited by the desk capacity within premises.

WeWork Workplace.  Workspace management software solution. It is software for landlords for online booking of desks, offices, collaboration hubs, and meeting rooms, in addition to providing meaningful utilization analytics, and helping to optimize space across assets.


WeWork Marketing Mix (WeWork 7Ps of Marketing)


Place Element in WeWork Marketing Mix (WeWork 7Ps of Marketing)

The co-working giant has a network of 756 locations in 38 countries, including 277 locations in the US as of December 2021. Customers can find information regarding the address of each location on company’s website and purchase WeWork products and services in any of these locations. Furthermore, customers can book flexible workspace using WeWork app at a time and place that is convenient to them.


Price Element in WeWork Marketing Mix (WeWork 7Ps of Marketing)

WeWork pricing strategy includes the following elements:

Flexible pricing. The co-working giant applies a wide range of pricing options such as daily pay-as-you-go, as well as, monthly and yearly membership fees. Global flexible workspace provider can also offer custom payment plan for its large enterprise customers.

Geographical pricing. As mentioned the workspace provider operates in 38 countries and prices vary in each country to reflect country-specific factors. Such factors include but limited to local supply and demand, prices of properties and leasing, competition, costs of human resources etc.

WeWork Inc. Report contains a full analysis of WeWork marketing mix (WeWork 7Ps of marketing) and WeWork marketing strategy in general. The report illustrates the application of the major analytical strategic frameworks in business studies such as SWOT, PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces, Value Chain analysis, Ansoff Matrix and McKinsey 7S Model on WeWork. Moreover, the report contains analyses of WeWork leadership, organizational structure and organizational culture. The report also comprises discussions of WeWork business strategy, ecosystem and addresses issues of corporate social responsibility.

WeWork Inc. Report 2023

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