BYD Marketing Communication Mix

By John Dudovskiy
February 18, 2024

BYD marketing communication mix consists of various channels to communicate the marketing message to the target customer segment. These channels are print and media advertising, sales promotions, events and experiences, public relations and direct marketing.

BYD Print and Media Advertising

Print and media advertising includes various traditional forms of paid communication used to promote a product, service, or brand through printed or broadcasted media channels. While BYD primarily focuses on digital marketing due to its reach and engagement potential, it still strategically utilizes print and media advertising for several reasons such as:

  • Reaching specific audiences. Print and media offer access to demographics less active on digital platforms, like older generations or local communities.
  • Building brand awareness. High-profile magazine spreads or television commercials can significantly increase brand recognition and visibility.
  • Complementary storytelling. Print and media formats allow for longer narratives and deeper dives into BYD’s values, technology, and environmental commitment, complementing the quick bites of digital marketing.

BYD Marketing Communication Mix


BYD Sales Promotions

Sales promotions refer to short-term incentives, activities, or offers designed to encourage the purchase or sale of a product or service. BYD uses the following sales promotions techniques, among others:

  • New Year Pre-Owned Event. Offering discounts on used BYD EVs alongside free extended warranties and test drives, targeting budget-conscious buyers and promoting their pre-owned program.
  • Summer EV Road Trip Bonus. Providing bonus miles on charging networks alongside travel vouchers and roadside assistance packages, encouraging summer travel and showcasing their partnership with charging infrastructure providers.
  • Back-to-School Family Fleet Package. Offering special discounts and financing options for purchasing multiple BYD EVs for families, catering to the larger vehicle needs of families with children.
  • Tech Upgrade Bonus. For buyers of top-tier models with advanced features, including free software upgrades or subscriptions to connected services, highlighting their technological innovations.
  • Earth Day Sustainability Drive. Offering discounts on models with longer ranges or lower emissions alongside tree-planting initiatives, emphasizing their commitment to sustainability and attracting environmentally conscious consumers.

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