eBay Organizational Structure

By John Dudovskiy
September 20, 2016

eBay organizational structure is hierarchical due to the massive size of the company that employs nearly 12,000 people worldwide.  In 2015, a major restructuring was introduced to the company by separating PayPal from eBay Inc.  The figure below illustrates changes to eBay organizational structure as a result of PayPal’s separation.


eBay Organizational Structure

eBay Board of Directors comprises 11 members and Thomas J. Tierney is the Chairman of the Board. David Wenig leads eBay executive team as President and CEO and is closely assisted by other leaders in the following positions:

  • President, StubHub
  • SVP, Chief Technology Officer
  • SVP, General Counsel
  • VP of Global Operations
  • SVP, eBay North America
  • SVP, eBay Asia Pacific
  • SVP, Chief Product Officer
  • SVP, Chief Financial Officer
  • SVP, Chief Communications Officer
  • SVP, eBay Europe
  • SVP, Chief People Officer

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