Jamie’s Italian Sydney PESTEL Analysis

By John Dudovskiy
August 8, 2012

Jamie’s Italian SydneyPESTEL stands for political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors that affect the business and it is considered to be an effective tool for analysing external environment for the business. Each of the factors presented below has to be critically analysed by the management of Jamie’s Italian Sydney in order to identify new potentials for creating competitive edge for the company.


PESTEL analysis for Jamie’s Italian is presented on the following table:


  • The level of consumer protection
  • The level of political stability
  • Market lobbying and pressure groups in Sydney
  • International pressure groups
  • Risk of military invasion

  • The level of economic growth in general
  • The level of growth in catering industry
  • The level of taxation
  • Government spending
  • Seasonality and weather issues
  • Inflation rate
  • Australian dollar exchange rate
  • Minimum wage rates

  • Changing family patterns
  • Changes in lifestyle trends
  • Healthy eating trends
  • Consumer demographics in Sydney
  • Activities of vegetarian and vegan groups
  • Consumer attitudes and opinions
  • The level of education of consumers
  • Consumer preferences in catering industry
  • Population growth rate in Sydney

  • Technology development in catering industry
  • The level of research funding by the government and private sector
  • The level of energy use and associated costs
  • Associated and dependent technologies
  • The potential for innovation in catering industry

  • Ecological and environmental regulation in Australia
  • The activities of various environmental groups

  • Taxation legislation in Sydney (both, corporate and consumer)
  • Catering-specific rules and regulations
  • Employment laws in Sydney
  • Competition regulation


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