Marketing Strategy

By John Dudovskiy
March 1, 2013

Marketing Strategy

Regardless of its industry, size or other variables, firm’s marketing strategy needs to be aligned with the overall corporate strategy in order for the firm to be able to grow in long-term perspective. To put it simply, rather than being independent of corporate strategy, strategic marketing needs to be able to contribute to the achievement of strategic objective an en efficient manner.

It has been stated that “because the link between marketing strategy and shareholder value has not been made, boards have tended to look at two other more transparent strategies.  One has been cost reduction – sometimes disguised by more appealing names such as reengineering, downsizing or right sizing. …The other common remedy has been acquisition” (Doyle, 2008, p.19).



Doyle, P.(2008) “Value-Based Marketing” 2nd edition,  John Wiley

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