Netflix CSR Overview

By John Dudovskiy
September 23, 2023

Netflix CSR Programs and Initiatives

Netflix Supporting Local Communities

  • The entertainment services provider maintains employee giving program that provides a 2:1 match on employee donations. As part of the program the company and employees donated USD34 million to over 5,000 charities worldwide


Netflix and Gender Equality and Minorities

  • 49,6% of Netflix employees are women
  • 50% of US workforce are from historically excluded ethnic and/or racial backgrounds
  • Netflix Fund for Creative Equity helps to create opportunities within the entertainment industry for minorities and historically under-represented groups

Netflix CSR

Figure 1 Global Gender Identities at Netflix for 2022


Energy Consumption by Netflix

  • In 2022 the company completed energy efficiency audits at its major facilities across North America
  • The entertainment services provider uses 100% renewable electricity in all offices and productions it directly manages


Carbon Emissions by Netflix

  • Netflix is committed to reduce carbon emission by 50% by 2030 compared to 2019 baseline
  • The entertainment services provider uses clean technology on over 60% of productions it manages directly
  • In 2022 about 50% of the productions Netflix managed incorporated clean mobile power solutions such as grid tie-ins, mobile batteries, battery-hybrid generators, and hydrogen power units, resulting in fuel reductions that lowered emissions by 1,179 MTCO2e
  • The company uses at least one electric vehicle (EV) on screen on all of its directly-managed productions
  • The streaming service supports creators who choose to incorporate sustainability into their storytelling

Netflix CSR

Figure 2 Netflix carbon footpring by business activity in 2022


Netflix and Sustainable Sourcing 

  • The company spent about USD 700 million with underrepresented suppliers in 2022


Governance Practices

  • Netflix is beginning a phased declassification of its board in 2023. Starting from 2025 each board member will stand for annual elections
  • The company is eliminating supermajority voting provisions in its articles of incorporation and bylaws
  • The streaming service is granting the shareholders the ability to call special meetings


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Source: ESG Report (2022) Netflix Inc.