Oracle PESTEL Analysis

By John Dudovskiy
August 6, 2012

OraclePESTEL is one of the most effective strategic analytical tools available that can be used for analysing the external environment for the business (Klein, 2007). The abbreviation stands for political, economical, social, technological, environmental, as well as, legal factors that affect the business.

The following table illustrates the PESTEL analysis conducted for Oracle Corporation in UK marketplace:


  • Environmental regulations and protection
  • Tax regulations
  • International trade regulations
  • The level of consumer protection
  • The level of political stability
  • Health and safety regulations
  • Contract enforcement regulations

  • Taxation
  • The level of economic growth
  • Interest rates
  • UK monetary policies
  • Unemployment rate and relevant policies
  • GBP:USD exchange rate
  • The level of government and consumer spending

  • Social values
  • The nature of income distribution
  • Demographic tendencies
  • Social mobility of labour
  • Work-career balance
  • The level of consumer education
  • Personalities of opinion leaders



  • Technological breakthroughs in related to the software industry
  • Research and development
  • The level of energy use and associated costs
  • Innovations in information technology
  • The duration of technology life-cycle

  • The activities of non-government environmental groups
  • Global warming issues
  • The impact of Oracle on environment and its consequences

  • Rules and regulations specific to the software industry
  • Other government regulations affecting Oracle in direct and indirect ways


Klein, G. (2007) “Strategic Marketing” GRIN Verlag

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