Starbucks Organizational Structure: A tall and divisional

By John Dudovskiy
October 4, 2022

Starbucks corporate structure sustains international scope of its business operations that encompasses more than 34000 stores in 84 markets. Starbucks organizational structure is hybrid and integrates geographic, brand-based and functional hierarchy structures.

Organizational structure of Starbucks can be divided into the following divisions:

1. Geographic divisions. Starbucks operations are divided into the following geographic divisions or segments:

    a) North America division. This division consists of USA and Canada

    b) International division consisting of China, Japan, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean

2. Brand-based divisions. Each brand within Starbucks Corporation portfolio represents a separate division led by the head of division. The world’s largest coffeehouse chain has brand-based divisions as illustrated in table  below:

Brand Founded Products
Starbucks 1971 Coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, food
Teavana® 1997 Variety of teas
La Boulange® 1999 French pastries and breads
Evolution Fresh™ 1992 Nourishment juices and foods
Seattle’s Best Coffee 1991 Coffee, non-alcoholic beverages, food
Tazo Tea 1994 Teas, herbs, roots and spices

Brand-based divisions within Starbucks organizational structure


Starbucks corporate structure is functional hierarchy and accordingly, groups are formed according to business functions on Executive Vice President (EVP) and Senior Vice President (SVP) levels. Specifically, as illustrated in figure below organizational structure of Starbucks includes 11 Executive Vice Presidents each leading a separate function below:

  1. Chief Financial Officer
  2. Chief Marketing Officer
  3. Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer
  4. Global Coffee, Tea and Cocoa
  5. Global Supply Chain
  6. Chief Technology Officer
  7. Public Affairs
  8. Chief Partner Officer
  9. Global Channel Development
  10. Starbucks North America
  11. General Counsel

Starbucks Organizational Structure

Starbucks Organizational Structure


Similarly, there are 24 functions headed by 26 executives at Senior Vice Presidents level:

  1. Store Development
  2. Ethics and Compliance officer
  3. Chief Procurement Officer, Global Sourcing
  4. Product Experience
  5. Global Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer
  6. Starbucks Canada
  7. Americas Finance
  8. Latin America & Caribbean
  9. Partner Resources, US Retail, Licensed Stores & Operations Services
  10. Asia Pacific
  11. Store Development & Design
  12. Deputy General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
  13. Corporate & Financial Services – 2 Senior Vice Presidents
  14. Business Technology
  15. Supply Chain Operations
  16. US Operations – 2 Senior Vice Presidents
  17. Digital Experiences & International Customer Marketing & Product
  18. Global Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory
  19. Licensed Stores & Latin America
  20. Marketing
  21. Data, Analytics & Insights and Business Operations
  22. Retail, Store Development & Design
  23. Partner & Customer Solutions
  24. Global Growth & Development


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